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Design Patterns for Research Methods: Iterative Research

Tuesday, January 27th, 2009

Pre-print version of my article to be presented at the AAAI Spring Symposium: Experimental Design for Real World Systems

For the last two decades the idea of design patterns has been a useful abstraction for computer scientists and programmers. As computer scientists, and scientists of all fields, are more than just programmers, we can apply the patterns concept to more than just program design. Indeed, the meta-creative processes and research methods which generate the code can also be viewed through the patterning abstraction to identify research method patterns and the contexts where they can be applied. One example of a research pattern is Iterative Research. Two examples of this Iterative Research method will be presented: the first investigating the vehicle, interface, and team CONOPS for small Unmanned Aerial Systems (sUAS) used during Urban Search And Rescue (USAR) operations, and the second working to develop a multi-operator team HRI metric and robot usability evaluation method.

Originally I just had the Iterative Research pattern, but calling it a pattern was shamelessly inspired by Merlin Mann’s discussion of creativity patterns (The Problem with “Feeling Creative” | Toward Patterns for Creativity)

PDF:Research Method Patterns

Overview of Requirements for Semi-Autonomous Flight in Miniature UAVs

Sunday, September 3rd, 2006

Here are the paper and the presentation for my first published paper, “Overview of Requirements for Semi-Autonomous Flight in Miniature UAVs”

Here is the paper (pdf link):

PDF of “Overview of Requirements for Semi-Autonomous Flight in Miniature UAVs”
and a zip file of the presentation with the included videos (45MB zip):

Zip of ppt and videos from my presentation at AUVSI 2006

and finally here is a pdf of the presentation (5MB pdf):

PDF of Semi-Autonomy Requirements (Presented at AUVSI 2006)

Also, here are the video segments individually:CNN clip about the Biloxi research , Flight obstacles short clip , Site Access short clip