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Mention on BoingBoing

Friday, October 6th, 2006

Apparently Xeni thinks my research group has a long name

BoingBoing reader Kevin Pratt of the University of South Florida’s Center for Robot-Assisted Search and Rescue Institute for Safety, Security, & Rescue Technology (holy hell that’s a mouthful) says,

BoingBoing: HowTo: Drop Bombs

And, yes, I am an WW II airplane geek (my senior project in highschool was on the design and use of the B-17 in the air war in Europe during the Second World War).

Me and my Nerd Suit on CNN

Friday, December 9th, 2005

We were on CNN Thursday morning (Dec. 8th). View the piece here: CNN video segment (2 minutes and ~38M)

And yes, about 15 seconds in, thats me in my full up nerd suit with video eye-piece, clipped-on video camera, and back-pack with video-downlink antenna

(posted wicked late, as I’m emptying half-done posts while waiting for my 0245 LAS-HNL)

Pre-Deployment Katrina/Biloxi press

Tuesday, December 6th, 2005

Hey, neato, I’m in the news! Well, actually the robot helicopters that I work with were in the news, and I got a mention because I was the grad student sherpa, but I suppose you have to start somewhere.

Allegedly we were on Biloxi Sun-Herald on Saturday under sci/tech, and thats what I was looking for, but I couldn’t find the cnn article. I did find this article instead: Linux Electrons Article It looks like a reprint of this press release, but still, pretty neat.

And if I find the cnn article later, I’ll edit it in…. And a full post about the trip later (hopefully)

Turns out it was the Biloxi Sun-Herald that had the initial article….looks like their site is subscription only, so I don’t have a copy of the article…. maybe later.