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Firefox 3 address bar suggest behavior

Friday, April 11th, 2008

Apparently I’m not the only one that was rather under-whelmed by the new address bar behavior.

From Tim Trueman from Richard Crowley:

Firefox 3 more better

  1. Go to about:config.
  2. Set browser.urlbar.matchOnlyTyped to true.
  3. Profit!

This will cause Firefox to almost revert its address-bar behavior to the familiar Firefox 2 style where it matches the beginning of URLs instead of attempting some hairbrained search. If I’d wanted to search, I would have hit Apple+K.

MySQL Dyld error.

Tuesday, October 16th, 2007

Apparently dyld errors happen with lots o’ packages (though I’m still not 100% on what the root cause is…..JFGI).

I most recently got one of these loading MySQL into a new apache2 install on OS X (10.4). I, and by I I really mean Gabe, was able to fix it with a little symlink action, thus:

/usr/local/mysql/lib/mysql root# ln -s ../libmysqlclient.15.dylib

links the .dylib from the parent directory to the /mysql dir where it was looking for it, and gives us

/usr/local/mysql/lib/mysql root# file libmysqlclient.15.dylib
libmysqlclient.15.dylib: symbolic link to `../libmysqlclient.15.dylib'

The End.


Original source is post #13 here:

Slide master/title master is crappy HCI and crappy engineering

Tuesday, January 30th, 2007

Using powerpoint on mac, it took me ten minutes to figure out how to add a new title master to a presentation.

Even though you open a new presentation and it automatically adds a blank title slide, you the View > Title Master option doesn’t exist. And from this view you can’t create one. First, you have to view the slide master (incorrectly applied to the title slide) and then you can add a new title master. This operation is an exercise in frustration and how to not design interfaces.

Perhaps its time for that Keynote purchase….


It’s good I wrote this down I’ve had to look at this *every* time I make a new presentation since then.

Yes.  It’s still obnoxious. movie feed

Sunday, October 16th, 2005

From Lifehacker and Going along with all the video iPod hullaballoo, an easy way to grab any .mov files that come through and suck them down as a podcast. I’ve still got my lovely 20G gen3 iPod, so I don’t have the video iPod (nor am I really sure I need one….), but you can watch these movies right in your podcatcher (assuming it does video). I’m currently using iTunes right now, but others may be capable as well.

Anyways, Step 1: go to and copy the link for the orange RSS button at the bottom. Step 2: subscribe to that link as a podcast. Step 3: profit!…. or watching the best videos the internets have to offer.

This trick also works with any file type you so desire….mp3, mpg, avi or whatever you like. Just change the filetype at the end. (I’ve used it for mp3 before, and a whole heck of a lot of mp3s get linked, so I ended up with _way_ more than I could keep up with, so I had to unsubscribe after a while (and by unsubscribe I mean my computer crashed, and I didn’t re-up).

So, there you, quick way to grab nifty movies, and here are a few good ones I’ve seen so far:

Dueling heavy metal viking longships, with a Transformers/mech finale….. really, how can you go wrong with that:

These made the rounds a few weeks ago, but they really are quite good, check them out if you haven’t already. Recut movie trailers for genre-switch goodness:
The Shining as Romantic Comedy
Titanic as a Horror movie
And West Side Story as Zombie horror goodness
Subway parasite media movie from Berlin. Very cool idea, and a nice hack for the box too


Funny remix of ’70s kid show about pi… beginning is kinda corny, but once you get the chanting LARPers and the PI-bot, it gets pretty funny

So fire that up as a podcast and see what goodness you discover