The lappy has BlueTooth, and I have a Razr. Ergo, you now have pictures.

The Bean in downtown Chicago in December 2005 (my sister graduated from Northwestern then).
Snow on the Bean

This is one of the two Rabbit Ears from the top of Rabbit Ears peak near Steamboat Springs, CO. It’s a fantastic hike up to the top of this.
Top of Rabbit Ears

It’s a giant concrete and bronze octopus at a pool. Clearly.
Giant Pool Octopus

A life size lego T Rex from out front of the Lego store at Disney in Orlando.
Lego Dinosaur

The octopus muny from the Muny art show at ÜberBot (ÜberBot Rocks)
Tentacled Muny

A lovely drip and bucket sand castle from Fort DeSoto county park (extreme south end of St. Petersburg).

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